Export packages

Oneway packages of plywood, wood and cardboard, suited for export and domestic transportation.
We select the package structure and materials based on the product to be packaged and the mode of transport.

Have also a look at our services, offered from designing of the package to packaging service.


Plywood containers

Fixed plywood boxes and containers are particularly well suited for the cost-efficient transport of very large and heavy products.

Wooden packages

Wooden packages are typically used for the transportation of large industrial products and their parts as sea freight or road freight.

UN packages

When handling and transporting dangerous goods, the packages must be safe and approved according to regulations.

Reusable packages

Foldable and fixed packages and pallets for transportation and storage.
Our durable, tailored and standard-size products are suited for long-term, continuous use.

Foldable reusable packages

Foldable and durable reusable containers efficiently cut costs, for example, in regular goods transport between different production units.

Plywood boxes and cases

Enduring heavy use, plywood boxes and cases are well suited as storage and transport packages for goods.

Special packages

For decades, we have been involved in developing packaging solutions with our customers. The solutions help reduce our customers’ packaging, transportation and storage costs.

Please contact us, and we willtailor a suitable packaging solution for your product.


Plywood boxes and cases

Enduring heavy use, plywood boxes and cases are well suited as storage and transport packages for goods.

Equipping and customisation

Our package solutions can be equipped with different accessories, when needed. They make the packages easier to handle, they support and protect the product to be packed and provided a finished look to the package.



A package can be marked with required markings, such as processing marks, package instructions, address information or other corresponding identifying information.

Marking a package in compliance with the corporate look and feel is not only a stylish finishing touch, but also indicates the quality of the packed product.

Package handling

A full package may sometimes be difficult to handle due to its shape and weight. Based on the package requirements, the package can be equipped, e.g., with fist-holes or separate handles to make it easier to handle.

Packages for sensitive products can be equipped with different indicators, which help back-track misuse and damage during transportation.

Locking a package

In long-term and repeated use, the life cycle of a package can be prolonged by choosing suitable locking. For example, Just On-Steel packages are closed with metal tongues, but alternatively, other locking methods can be used.


If your product is difficult to pack, you want several products in the same package, or the product must be protected and supported well for the transportation, the package can be equipped with different paddings and supports.

Our selection contains padding and package fillings ranging from traditional methods to paddings and supports manufactured according to the shape of the product.