The dimensions and structure of recyclable pallets are tailored based on your product. In addition to standard EUR and FIN pallets, our selection contains tailored special pallets for all kinds of uses.

A pallet collar is highly suitable for example for the transport and storage of small parts, components and products. Containers of different heights can be built from pallet collars, as needed. It is easy to pack products on top of each other in a container when collars can be added one by one. Pallet collars are a long-term package solution which works repeatedly for different products.

We have pallet collars for standard-sized pallets in our stock selection. Pallet collars are also tailored to suit your products. The raw material of a pallet collar can be wood or plywood, depending on the use. Pallet collars can fold because of hinges, which can be placed only in the corners or also on the short sides of the collar. A pallet collar equipped with six hinges folds into a small space in return transport.


The raw material used for pallets is determined by what they are used for. Pallets are made of wood, plywood, hardboard, OSB, etc. Structural details are determined based on the product and consumption.


Pallet collar made of plywood:

  • The collar is dimensioned based on your product to be packed
  • Light
  • ISPM-15
  • Quick to assemble and disassemble
  • The structure can be designed so that the collars are nested for the return transport

Pallet collar made of wood:

  • Economical
  • ISPM 15
  • Standard sizes always in stock
  • Quick to assemble and disassemble