Savopak Oy was founded in 1969 and it is known as an internationally reliable manufacturer of wooden and plywood transportation and storage packages and supplier of packing services. We manufacture wooden and plywood packages in four production units, three of which are located in Varkaus and one in Rantasalmi.

Wooden and plywood packages are widely used in different fields of industry for transportation purposes. We also develop special products for various purposes. As an example, cheese containers, where Emmental matures. In parallel with packages, we offer versatile services related to packing.

In addition to Finland, packages are exported to Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Spain and Norway, among others. We have cooperation partners in several European countries to take care of sales to their own target areas.

Transportation of products between different production units or end users is characterised by punctuality and faultless delivery chain, for which we provide a solution. Savopak packages are used for vehicle, machine, electronic, chemical and paper industry products, not to mention mining and construction industry products all the way to defence forces.

Savopak Oy history

Savopak Oy was founded in 1969 when Artturi Määttä and Aarne Tamminen bought the package production of A. Ahlström Oy. Work as the manufacturer of wooden packages started. In the early phases, our manufacture consisted of bakery cases, thermal packages, tool boxes and different packages for the defence forces. During the first decades, the public sector was the most significant customer.

In 1984, Olavi Räsänen Oy acquired Savopak Oy. Since that Savopak Oy has been part of the OR Group. During the acquisition, Savopak employed about 70 people and the turnover was about 10 million Finnish marks.

In the 1990s, the product selection expanded when light, folding plywood packages partially replace the heavy wooden packages, especially in air cargo. At this point, new customers where found, especially in the technology industry. Package export to Europe was initiated.

In the 2000s, companies have outsourced warehousing, packing, transportation and logistics operations and centralised purchases. This has offered us an opportunity to further expand our operations, namely to offering such services.

When the operations expanded, a second production plant was established in Varkaus, Rautakatu in 2006. Production started in the third production plant in Rantasalmi and in the fourth plant in Varkaus in 2011. At the moment, there are operations in four plants, which manufacture packages to be delivered around the world.