Long-term cooperation with companies in different industries as implementor of transport and storage solutions provides us with a strong foundation to develop solutions for your needs, as well. A ready solution can often be found in our extensive selection.

During our long-term cooperation with companies in different industries we have implemented various transport and storage solutions. This provides us with a strong foundation to develop solutions for your needs, as well.

We offer you an entire chain from package design to packing your product.
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Package design

Our competent product design and sales personnel wait for you to contact us to be able to find the best package solution for your products. Long-term international experience in implementing package solutions for companies operating in different fields of industry provides us with solid foundation to develop new, cost-efficient package solutions for you, as well.

Consulting and technical design

The design process usually starts by analysing the requirements of products to be packed. This means finding out the best possible raw materials, structure, dimensions and the most sensible form of transport, combined with the lifecycle of the package.


Package design

We also manufacture packages which require a finished look and feel.

Drawings and modelling

Before starting the manufacture of your packages, we will create 3D images of the ordered products, when needed. Some products may require a sample made to ensure the functionality of the package in the different phases of its lifecycle.

Storage and packing

Sometimes it just is more sensible to focus on one’s core competence and outsource other functions to professionals of those fields.

Let us pack on your behalf:

  • to reduce costs
  • to save time
  • to focus on your core business


We are able to maintain a recall storage for your packages. This will save your own storage space and you will gain more cost savings by ordering larger production lots. We guarantee fast and timely deliveries from our storage to your storage.


Assembly of special products usually requires special expertise. In these cases, we will come and assemble the package for you.


Transportation and logistics

You can also outsource transportation and logistics services to us. We offer you our long-term expertise and cooperation with an extensive network offering transportation and logistics services.

We will find the best suited and most cost-effective solution for your needs and guarantee reliable, flexible and fast deliveries of your products.

Certificates and package testing

UN -certificate

We can have your package tested and obtain a UN certificate.

Other testing

If your package requires special durability, stress resistance or piling, we can have the package tested for that.