Foldable and durable reusable containers are made of plywood, and they help to cut costs efficiently, for example, in regular goods transport between different production units.

S-Reco recycling containers are dimensioned for your products and needs.

Why choose S-Reco?

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble without any tools
  • Clearly saves transport and storage space when folded
  • A long-term solution which can be used repeatedly
  • In long-term use, the wearing parts can be replaced with spare parts

S-Reco Light

S-Reco Light containers are used, for example, for transporting vehicle parts, electronic equipment and chemicals. The containers can be used for all modes of transport.

  • Foldable sleece, bottom and lid
  • Galvanized metal profiles make the container structurally solid
  • Sleeve hinges are designed to withstand long-term use
  • When empty, the S-Reco Light frame folds handily between the bottom and the lid, thus minimising the return transport’s freight costs
  • When folded, the container height is about 20 cm

S-Reco Robust

Thanks to its sturdy structure, S-Reco Robust containers are well suited for transporting heavy, tubular product or bulk products.

  • Foldable sleeve, pallet with a fixed pallet collar and lid
  • Hinges are designed to withstand long-term use
  • When folded, an empty S-Reco Robust requires little storage and transport space – the frame folds conveniently inside the fixed attached collar

S-Reco Module

Consisting of sturdy plywood collars, S-Reco Module is particularly suited for regular and systematic round-trip goods traffic. Even small goods can be easily packed, transported and unloaded thanks to S-Reco Module’s shelf system.

  • Foldable plywood collars, shelves, pallet and lid are tailored according to the product to be packed
  • Strong hinges are designed to withstand long-term use
  • The structure can be designed so that the collars are nested for the return transport.