By combining the parts and materials of different package structures, we can design a special package required for your product.

A package can be fully or partially foldable, or it can have a fixed structure. The interior of a package can be equipped with different machined supports or paddings, which protect the sensitive surfaces of your product during transport and storage.

As a rule, a package is designed directly according to a physical product or a 3D model. Alternatively, we are happy to come and take measures of  the product to be packed on site and ideate a cost-efficient package and transport solution.

The purpose of a combination package can be, for example, transfer of already painted products from a subcontractor to a production line. Depending on the inner parts, a package be may partly folded when empty, and then you save in return freight costs.

A package can withstand many uses and can often be modified according to the development cycle of the product to be packed.