Wooden boxes and board crates are dimensioned to suit your product, production line and mode of transport. Boxes transported as maritime cargo are protected by a plastic or other corresponding cover.

Board boxes and crates

Technical details:

  • Naied or bolted structure
  • Assembly and attachment by nails or screws
  • Can be piled
  • Delivery either assembled or as elements

Board mats

Board mats are used, for example, to protect products of cylindrical shape during transport. Board mats are made of wood as well as of plywood.


We have a long experience of packing very large and difficult to transport products.  Different pallet constructions can be used to ensure safe transfer and transport of such products.

CNC machined plates

Sometimes plates machined into different shapes are enough to protect a product during transport. CNC machined plates are made of wood, plywood, hardboard, OSB, woodchip board, MDF, plastic, etc.