In addition to lightness and efficient use of transport space, plywood boxes are durable, easily recycled packages, and they are always tailored for your product and purposes. Foldable plywood boxes are suited for all kinds of transport needs.

Just On-Steel plywood boxes

The corners of Just On-Steel boxes’ sleeve has hot-dip galvanised metal profiles in the corners and tongues in the top and bottom edge, which act as a handy quick-release lock. The metal profile pressed on the cover and bottom of the boxes acts as a counterpart for the quick-release lock.

Structural options of Just On-Steel boxes:

  •     S-pak 1 – Compact structure for smaller products.
  •     S-pak 3 – Quick and easy – one-part folding sleeve, bottom and lid.
  •     S-pak U4 or L4 – An excellent option for large products – two-part sleeve in U or L shape, bottom and lid.
  •     S-pak 6 – For products that are challenging to pack –  a six-part box, where all sleeve parts are as separate elements, as well as the bottom and the lid.

Just On-Wood plywood boxes

Just On-Wood boxes consist of a one-part folding sleeve, the parts of which are connected with pressed, galvanised metal profiles. The lid and bottom have wooden profiles– the box is closed with straps, nails or screws.

  •     W-pak 2 – One-part sleeve and lid.
  •     W-pak 3 – One-part sleeve, bottom and lid.

Just On-Mixed plywood boxes

Just On-Mixed plywood boxes combine the components and different accessories of Just On-Steel and Wood boxes. Just On-Mixed offers numerous options for packing most different products.

Examples of what a Just On-Mixed plywood box can be.


UN packages for global transports

The UN packages in our selection meet the requirements for UN certification for transport packages of 4 D type dangerous goods. The packages are certified for road, rail, maritime and air traffic in Finland and internationally. Approved packages can be used as outer packages for substances of package groups I, II and III. The substances packed can be different solid hazardous substances.

When necessary, we will tailor a package for dangerous goods for you and will take care of the testing and approval process for you.

UN box selection

Our selection consists of plywood packages lengthwise and widthwise of four different sizes, the height of which may vary according to the dimensions provided below. The raw material of UN 4, UN 6 and UN 8 is 6 mm thick birch plywood and UN 12 is 8 mm thick birch plywood.

The inside dimensions of UN packages (length x width x height):

  • UN 4, 380 mm x 280 mm x 100-400 mm
  • UN 6, 580 mm x 380 mm x 100-600 mm
  • UN 8, 780 mm x 580 mm x 150-800 mm
  • UN 12, 1180 mm x 780 mm x 200-615 mm

UN package structure

The three-part structure of plywood UN packages consists of a folding one-part sleeve, lid and bottom.

  • S-pak 3 – Folding one-part sleeve, lid and bottom

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